The Fang

My absolutely favorite page of our last book 'The Fang'.

Here Christos Martinis' art is breathtaking. The original script described Dracula attacking a woman, but Christos' sick :-) imagination gave her some more details that I do not even feel comfortable to describe. After all, horror is not about a vampire biting a neck but about the small details of the tortured body.

Of course exaggerating with lines and color is a beautiful way of stretching reality. Since this specific feeling of being real-so even more horrific cannot be achieved by the absolute depiction of truth it can surely be done by twisting, enlarging or covering what looks real. After all what do you think is scarier? A witch that tries to grab you while sleeping, or a witch  who stretches her arms like two grotesque macaronis in order to tickle your feet?

Both me and Christos found out that the only thing that could look scarier than a hungry, hunted vampire  would a vampire that from time to time looks a bit unnatural. His face can be distorted, his mouth becomes bigger and his fangs can be stretched beyond our logical limits. And what is more terrifying than facing a monster that could never even be considered to have ever been real.

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