Listening to The Cloud

Dear friends,

While writing The Cloud I didn't listen to a lot of Music. I generally tend to write in silence. I do it when I'm alone in the morning, while being on the Train and in the night when good people sleep. As I said I tried to avoid listening to the Music. There are a lot of creators out there who can use Music as a carpet but I cannot. Music steals my thoughts and makes me focus on the lyrics, the melodies, the strange wordless worlds that the Muse creates. But while writing, the memory of those Songs by itself tends to push my fingers and alter my thoughts. The products of my Imagination are also products of all this amazing half forgotten tunes that play silently in my head. Something like echoes of the Music I used to listen to. surreal mind-descriptions of the memories of that amazing Music.

Well if there is (ofcourse in a world deep inside my head) a kind of a soundtrack for The Cloud it could be something like that:

I don't try to name the chapters or the specific page number. Listen to the music. Follow its pace until new sentiments and thoughts appear. Read a bit without music. Then play the next song and move on.

I'll give only a small guiding tip before each song:



You're on page 1. Press play!

The Boy tries to find a wish. He is alone in the big city.

The Boy is in search of The Writer. The city looks otherwordly.

Added by Vincenzo Balzano

The Girl runs away. She has something that belongs to him.

He has to fly and find HER!

Added by Sakis Pavlakakis

The Prophetess is ready with her distorted song. Listen to the ancient and original one:

It's not the birth of a world. It's the discovery of the past.

There's blood and war. The King appears. The Boy makes a decision.

Play it just before the penultimate page. Now Close the book and listen to the music.

Added by Lampros Stamos

The Cloud is over but the music should go on!